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Meg Torwl

Meg Torwl works with writing and performance, in radio, video, new media and arts advocacy. Her work has appeared in Canada, the US, the UK, and NZ. Her writing has been anthologized in Knowing ME, Spin, Eat These Sweet Words, Linescapes, Nuestra Voz, Sinister Wisdom, Magdalena Aotearoa, Canadian Woman Studies JournalThe Writers CaravanEmerge 2011, The Wild Weathers, and The Enpipe Line. Online with Sins Invalid, Writers Tip’s and Enpipe. In 2009 she released the poetry chapbook (in)), and in 2012 will release another chapbook Transit of Venus. Meg was commissioned in 2009 by Balancing Acts to write and perform a solo interdisciplinary show Thats so gay! In 2011 she was a student in The Writers Studio at Simon Fraser University. She has produced 5 new media projects, and 4 documentaries which are distributed by Video Out. She produced 50 half-hour programs with Radio New Zealand.


bliss landing


is closer

than you think

seventeen minutes

this journey

towards bliss

begins with four taureans

in a black vehicle

a grey and white cat

a ferryman named pete

in a red cap

cross the water

pass the ragged islands

to a dock

with four totem poles

where sun smacks the ocean

blue mountains

in the distance



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